WhatsApp Releases A New Feature Once More

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WhatsApp, a central social networking platform, is releasing a new feature once more. Users may have films or photographs disappear once they are seen thanks to this new function.

“View once” deletes the image once the receiver opens it for the first time, rather than storing it on a phone. The capability, according to WhatsApp, “provides users even greater control over their privacy.” Advocates for child protection have voiced concern that auto-vanishing communications would make it easier to hide signs of child sexual abuse, though. Concerning the usage of encrypted communications, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) and Facebook, the parent firm of WhatsApp, are already in conflict.

Because of the encryption, only the sender and recipient can view the messages “in transit”. However, auto-deleting communications can also result in the loss of evidence from confiscated devices during police searches.

When attempts to fight child sexual abuse are already hampered by end-to-end encryption, the “view once” function might put children at even greater risk by offering perpetrators additional means of avoiding discovery and erasing evidence.

WhatsApp is promoting privacy as a feature that everyday customers may use for fleeting but private photographs, such as when trying on items in a store and asking a partner how they looked or transmitting a password. It read, “Not everything we communicate has to be preserved as a digital record.” On many phones, capturing a picture only means that it will occupy space in your camera roll indefinitely. ” Additionally, the functionality was being sent out to “everyone starting this week.”

The preview of a message that has been marked as “view once” will be hidden, and a sizable “1” icon will be displayed in its place.

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However, users have the option to screenshot or screen record the message when it is first accessed, or to film one screen with another camera, much like disappearing messages on other applications like Snapchat.

The feature also comes with limitations:

  • The photos will not be saved in a phone’s gallery app
  • The media cannot be forwarded, saved, shared, or starred
  • It will expire if not opened within two weeks

In November, WhatsApp unveiled its vanishing messages feature. It is one of the areas of worry for a legal challenge to the UK government since it deletes text messages for both the sender and the recipient after seven days.

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