Understanding How to Market Your Emails Via The New AI Technology!

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Email marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies. It is one of the old methods too. This strategy came a long way from its first use in 1978, proving that it is the most convenient strategy in the business world.

Meaning of Email marketing, if one wants to understand simply, is a process of using emails to promote Business, Products, or Services. According to studies conducted in 2015 by a UK-based direct marketing association, this simple method gives a “return on investment of $38 for every $1 spent.” This data is easily understandable also. Because Email marketing does more than expected, from drawing traffic to the blog or social media to driving revenue.

Artificial Intelligence and Email Marketing

Traditionally Email marketing included working with email marketing tools like email service provider software. But Artificial Intelligence has entered the modern Email marketing sector transforming the scenario. Artificial intelligence helps in data analysis, personalization of emails, and strategy design, making email marketing strategy much easier for a businessman.


Email Marketing Strategies Using Artificial Intelligence

  1. Subject Line Optimization By AI

One of the critical parts of an effective email is its subject line. The subject line needs to stand out so that the customer takes an interest in the content. Emails with bad subject lines have the risk of being treated as spam mail.

Using AI to write the subject line has a huge benefit. Artificial intelligence will analyze the click rates and subject lines thoroughly and will create catchy subject lines. Using Artificial Intelligence in this scenario replaces a copywriter and a lot of experimentation. 

  1. Personalization of Emails by AI

Personalization of Emails is also an essential factor in clicking on any mail. Personalization, for example, is addressing the receiver by their name instead of any generic categorization. AI, by the conclusions of its analytics, understands the customer interests and creates personalized emails.

  1. Optimization of Email timings by AI:

An email sent at an ideal time has more chances of getting attention from the customer. And nobody was clear about the exact time till now. But AI gets an idea about the ideal time to send an email by analyzing past open rates and programs itself to send more Emails in that time.

  1. Email content Automation by AI:

With the subject line, AI can also be used to automate the content of the email. As artificial intelligence uses pre-written emails and other available information sources like blog posts and generates related content. It then uses them as optimized email content and, in turn, increases the email quality. This automation significantly reduces time consumption and runs an effortless email marketing campaign.


To use Artificial Intelligence to its full potential, a marketer should understand the opportunities and benefits of AI’s new email marketing tools. It will even benefit the marketer by improving the quality and effectiveness of the email and, in turn, increasing the profit through high return on investment value.   

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