Top 7 B2B Email Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

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One of the least expensive and most straightforward methods of lead generation for a business is email marketing. To succeed, you must, however, put some unique advice and modern trends into practice. People receive an excessive number of emails each day, most of which are spam with few being opened.

You may improve your company workflows and create engaging emails that are designed to boost response rates and conversions by following the most recent email marketing trends and making use of contemporary technologies.

Let’s have a look at the most popular and universal trends that will be ideal for B2B businesses in 2022. Use them to give your company’s brand a competitive edge.

  1. Personalization

The individuals you’re trying to contact undoubtedly receive dozens of emails every day. Try to add a personal touch to the wording or style of your email to make it more apparent and attention-grabbing. One of the most important corporate email best practices is this one.

To enhance the open rate, start by personalizing the subject line. The simplest way to make your email sound more personal is to use the recipient’s name in the subject line.

Advanced methods of email personalization include:

  • Composing messages with the recipient’s interests or demographics (gender and age).
  • Using the brand.
  • Including links to the brand’s website.
  • Modifying the offer to meet the needs of the recipient’s business.
  • Disclosing information about the recipient’s business (analytics, results, etc.)
  • Tailoring the questions to the recipient’s stage in the sales funnel.
  • To change a call to action.

2. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Access to a variety of hyper-personalization and automation tools is the main benefit of employing AI-based email marketing services. By removing human labor and personalizing emails, artificial intelligence may tremendously aid you in optimizing and automating your email marketing.

In general, AI email marketing technologies let you:

  • Individualize email content and subject lines based on subscriber activity.
  • Evaluate user data and engagement rate based on prior discussions.
  • Provide material that is pertinent to each receiver.
  • Produce automated responses and send emails in response to user input.
  • To improve messaging and produce highly-personalized newsletters.
  • Gather deep insights and handle massive amounts of data.
Here’s how an AI email tool suggests you personalize subject lines based on the recipient’s personal data and their business profiles

3. Adding interactive elements

Your emails alter how readers interact with them. People respond to your emails with greater ease thanks to this clever B2B email marketing technique. You may include polls, surveys, gamification components, and animations in your emails to make them more interactive. In other words, anything that offers dynamic material or features that a subscriber can click on to interact with the information.

4. Sending newsletters

Businesses utilize newsletters as a key element of email marketing to nurture leads and keep customers. You communicate your firm’s most recent news via newsletters, from case studies and promotions to corporate or product updates. Once every week, once per month, or once every three months, you should send out newsletters.

Your firm will stand out and be distinctive in the subscribers’ eyes with creative emails that have a modern design and up-to-date information.

5. Choosing a minimalistic style

A plain text email merely has words, unlike typical email layouts, which are colorful and include graphics. A minimalistic approach has the advantage of enabling you to write emails that are simple to understand, clean & clear, and direct.

Emails with elegant graphics and complex blocks are appealing, yet they usually appear to be ads. Plain text emails, on the other hand, appear more familiar to users and are typically viewed as a pleasant remarks.

6. Mobile optimization

When and where your subscribers will open your email are difficult to forecast. Because of this, it’s crucial to make sure people get your email brilliantly whether they are on a laptop or mobile device, or both.

Make sure the email is optimized for mobile devices when setting up an email campaign and test it on a variety of devices. A subscriber should have no trouble seeing the content as they scroll through the email, and there shouldn’t be any gaps or design flaws.

7. User-generated content

Sharing user-generated material like testimonials will be quite interesting to your subscribers given that 72% of customers rely on internet reviews to develop confidence in a business.

You may strengthen your relationship with a receiver and turn them into leads without expending a lot of work on the email campaign preparation by using ready evaluations written by your clientele in the emails. These could include videos, social media posts, review site pages, comments, etc.

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