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Performance Matters: The Aruba Edgeconnect Sd-wan Edge Platform Increases Productivity And Lowers Costs

As applications increasingly migrate from the corporate data center into the cloud, IT and business leaders are quickly realizing that traditional WANs were never architected for such a dynamic, internet-based environment. It is clear that backhauling traffic destined to the cloud from the branch to headquarters to the internet and then back again to the branch negatively impacts application performance and user experience.

By building a modern WAN with Aruba, enterprises have the potential to increase end-user satisfaction and business productivity through improved application performance, higher reliability, enhanced quality of service (QoS), increased security, and improved visibility and control of applications running in their networks, regardless of the WAN connectivity service. Ensuring continuous operations and high levels of application performance is a challenging and often time-consuming task for IT. Adding broadband and 4G/5G/LTE connections and cloud-based SaaS and IaaS applications to the mix only makes the job even more difficult.

Aruba improves the quality of experience for IT by enabling an SD-WAN that provides consistent, reliable application performance through features such as path conditioning, tunnel bonding, traffic shaping, WAN optimization, and intelligent cloud breakout.


Today, there square measure many fundamentals that almost each SD-WAN provides. think about these being basic SD-WAN table stakes. 1st is that the ability to use any and every source of property as well as broadband net, MPLS, and 4G/5G/LTE wireless. Any SD-WAN ought to be ready to abstract these connections and add them to the pool of obtainable SD-WAN methods. The second is that the ability to show intelligence and dynamically direct application traffic over the offered.

Path selection selections ought to be supported the performance requirements of the appliance in selecting the best path across the WAN. this is often very true for cloud-based applications and if the organization has over one data center

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