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We at Automate B2B are a team of members to provide marketers market and technology related information. This website is a one-stop destination for marketing freaks. Our team tends to provide and equip you with all the necessary information that is specific to marketing and technology.


We strive for a networked society one which strengthens itself by sharing knowledge, ideas which are pivotal in defining the direction we are moving in and intend to move toward in the near future. With relevant and easy to consume data flowing through the publication we manage, we have a unique opportunity to lead transformation toward a cohesive and fluidic flow of ideas which benefits one and all.


The most complex of notions, if broken down into digestible content, can not only benefit present members but can also lay foundation for easy knowledge transfer to our future generations. We believe in simplicity of communication and hence base immense importance on content which can put forth the grandest ideas, most disruptive innovations and trends in a manner which is welcoming to engage with. We shall always strive to put content at the centre of our collective experience.



We regard cohesiveness and camaraderie as any successful ventures foundation. We work together to bring you most relevant content which affects your thoughts and actions and we implore our readers to engage constructively to bring about the best in each other.


We judge content by its nature and not source. Automate B2B strives to give a voice to worthy minds across the globe.


Trust has to be the cornerstone of any organisation in the public domain. As publishers we value the importance of building trust with our readers and can attest to the fact that all content on Automate B2B will always be 100% original. We do not tolerate plagiarism.


We are proud to bring content which challenges the status quo and disrupts present trends. We at Automate B2B will always strive to be a platform where innovation is not stifled for the ease of being popular.